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What People Are Saying About Conclave:

Cold War Spy Thriller at Its’ Best
Five Star Review by:
Linda Thompson, Host of The Authors Show

“Conclave is by far the best book I’ve read in quite some time that offers the suspense thriller with a hint of romance, and all the old cold war spy stuff that I love. While I am not Catholic, I have long admired the tradition and ceremony involved in selecting a new Pope and Tom Davis’ Conclave opened a lot of doors that I had previously not known. There was not one page that let me down, rather each page left me wanting more. It’s very obvious that Mr. Davis has had some type of international experience because he writes so easily and convincingly about not only the era of the CIA vs. the KGB, he had me convinced that something like this could take place and leaves me to wonder if it actually did (in some form) occur. I could find nothing missing in Conclave – it gave me the stay-awake-all-night urge to keep reading and that’s just what I did. I couldn’t wait to see what was on the next page, but while the ending was quite decisive and satisfying, I was sad to see it come. I’m eagerly looking forward to the next chapter in Carter and Kath’s relationship. Great job and a book I’m definitely going to recommend to all my bookworm friends”


A Great Historical Thriller!
Five Star Review by: Mike M.

“A tremendous mystery thriller based in the historical facts of the selection of the Pope in 1979. Davis is a brilliant author that combines the thrilling suspense of Tom Clancy and the historical interest and details of David McCullough. I was impressed with the clear, detailed, and suspense-filled writing. A great book that I both enjoyed Conclave and learn from”


Conclave is a very fast-paced and entertaining read
Five Star Review by Scott

“Conclave is a very fast-paced and entertaining read. Although it’s fiction, it’s also full of history and the actual conduct of a papal election – making it both entertaining and educational. The characters are appealing and the story compelling. It’s a very good read. I loved the character development and the rich storytelling.”


Review of Tom Davis' Conclave