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Tom Davis Author of Conclave

Tom Davis is a retired army officer and corporate executive.  After graduating from West Point, he had numerous assignments and experiences in the army including commanding an artillery battalion in Operation Desert Storm, being a key advisor to a Secretary of the Army and several Army Chiefs of Staff, and serving as an Assistant Professor of Social Sciences at West Point teaching International Relations, Political Science, Economics, and Middle Eastern Affairs.  He served a brief tour in the Department of State as part of the Palestinian Autonomy negotiating team, where he heard a story that inspired Conclave.

After retiring from the army, Tom had a successful career in the private sector culminating with his promotion to Corporate Vice President of the General Dynamics Corporation.  Tom has authored numerous articles and editorials for major newspapers on a wide range of topics, and has published some major studies on federal budgeting and the management of the nation’s national security programs.  He has written one previous book analyzing the 1982 Israeli invasion of Lebanon titled 40 Kilometers Into Lebanon.  He holds degrees from the US Military Academy at West Point (BS, 1972), and Harvard University (MA, 1980), which he believes strongly suggests both the breadth of his interests and the depth of his tolerance for new ideas.